Wellman Pension Action

Wellman Pension Action

Have you had your future and pension decimated by the disgraceful agreement made between the company and the trustees of this pension fund?

Are you trying to work out how they managed to get into a position where they are saying they may, or maybe may not, be able to pay out a princely 20% of your entitlement, unless you actually want your money now in which case they can only afford to pay some 7%.

Where has the money gone?

Why did the trustees allow the company to continually contribute less than required to the fund? Why did they allow the company to continue trading when they proposed the wind up of the fund and so ensure that we are not eligible for the government compensation schemes?

I am trying to contact some of the 1000 deferred members who have been robbed of the future they are entitled to.

If you are interested in trying to find some way to redress this scandal please add your contact details below and we can try to get a mutual assistance group going.

Don’t let these people walk away with our hard earned cash. Don’t let them walk all over us. Lets fight them.


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Dr Altman, No. 10 & Treasury pensions adviser & London Schoool of Economics governor who is recommneding an increase in government pensions compensation, to my FAS address & letter May 2005

"Dear Dave
...sincerely hope that you will receive your pension along with all the others who have lost out so dreadfully after believing Government assurances that they were safe.

I hope that the Parliamentary Ombudsman report will recommend compensation for all of you and am working hard to help achieve that. You all deserve it!
Ros "

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